Steel Frame Log Carriage ÇGTA-2 ÇGTA-2


Product Name : Steel Frame Log Carriage ÇGTA-2

Product Code : ÇGTA-2

Category : Log Carriage

Sub Category : Log Carriage

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 • Operator can carry out all the controls of the log carriage and strip saw with remote control panel.

• Hydraulic cylinder motived log clamp, rotating and holder

• Hook holder distance for specified 2 different constant size,

• Hydraulic rotating system with 90 ° motion with each one lifting capacity of 1200 kg,

• Rotating by reduced motor driven,

• Electronic measuring system according to the cut and the remaining tinder. Able to store 21 constant sizes and to make direct annotate. 100 different diameter and width can be programmed according to the size and to determine the most appropriate program within 100 programs (optimization).

• Manual program entry according to the instant measurement when required and able to make 10 different grouping between 100 programs

• Hydraulic motor control give accurate proportional measurement to drawing movements at 320 mm/sec speed,

• Hydrostatic driven electrical steel rope drum system with 0-160 mt / min high-accelerated log carriage progression

• Automatic central lubrication system.