DM-1000 Log Processor DM-1000


Product Name : DM-1000 Log Processor

Product Code : DM-1000

Category : Bandsaws

Sub Category : Band Saws

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• Extra thick steel frame, special alloy case casting flywheels

• Blade with width indicator, hydraulic engine blade tensioner system

• Hydraulic motor-controlled blade can be controlled from the log (mouthpiece move vertically)

• Manual top flywheel gradient adjustment

• Blade and Top flywheel protection cover

• Manual lubrication

• Blade oiling system

• Pneumatic cleaning system


TYPE DM-1000  
Flywheel Diameter 1000 mm  
Flywheel Width 105 mm  
Blade Tensioner Hydraulic  
Seal Hydraulic  
Min. Length of Strip 7300 mm  
Max. Length of Strip 7800 mm  
Main Engine 22kW (40 hp)  
Weight 2200 kg