Yatay Şerit Dilimleme DM-YŞD


Наименование товара : Yatay Şerit Dilimleme

Код продукта : DM-YŞD

категория : Dilimleme Makinaları

Подкатегория : Yatay Şerit Dilimleme

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• Extra thick steel main frame

• Special alloy case casting flywheels

• Hydraulic system, lever-controlled saw tensioning

• Stepless tape cutting speed setting with hydraulic system

• Hydraulic system pressure and tractive balls

• Digital failure and audible alarm system,

• Protective Electrical Switch over covers,

• Cooling system with water

• Adjustable fiber and cylinder latch

• Manual lubrication.


Power of Engine 3000 cycle/min-11kw
Max. Cutting Height 300 mm
Min. Cutting Height 10 mm
Max. Cutting Width 200 mm
Diameter of Flywheel 850 mm
Feedrate 0-50 m/min
Product Pulling Hydraulic
Measure Setting Electric Engine
Failure Notification Digital
Power of Reduced Engine 20 cycle/min-1.1 kw
Power of Hydraulic Engine 3 hp
Weight 4350 kgs